AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-14fixup! Run Matrix services in OCI containersmatrix-containersTimo Wilken
2023-12-14Run Matrix services in OCI containersTimo Wilken
2023-12-13Add note about profile service-types, so I don't forgetTimo Wilken
2023-12-13Declare dependency on dockerd properlyTimo Wilken
2023-12-13Configure Grafana to be run behind a reverse proxyTimo Wilken
2023-12-13Generalise Docker service and use it to run GrafanaTimo Wilken
2023-12-13Expose Grafana externallyTimo Wilken
2023-12-13Revert kernel update on lapTimo Wilken
2023-12-13Fix rewritten history to make guix pull possibleTimo Wilken
2023-12-12Remove default kernel configurationTimo Wilken
2023-12-12Move to latest kernel on lapTimo Wilken
2023-12-12Re-sign commits after git-filter-branchTimo Wilken
2023-12-11Serve "proper" git HTTPS remote on git.twilken.netTimo Wilken
2023-12-11Customise passmenu prompt to show what will be typedTimo Wilken
2023-12-07Publish channel and make public URL the defaultTimo Wilken
2023-12-07License compatibly with Guix itselfTimo Wilken
2023-12-07Thermald does not support AMD CPUsTimo Wilken
2023-12-06Update packer to 1.10.0Timo Wilken
2023-12-05Update packer to 1.9.5Timo Wilken
2023-12-03Allow using org-babel-gnuplotTimo Wilken
2023-12-02Bind <leader>fp to find file in projectTimo Wilken
2023-12-01Fix .asd finding functionTimo Wilken
2023-11-30Tweak cgit overview pageTimo Wilken
2023-11-29Give cgit automatic access to git reposTimo Wilken
2023-11-29Configure SSH accessTimo Wilken
2023-11-29Fix cgit clone prefixesTimo Wilken
2023-11-29Serve Git repos over SSH and back them upTimo Wilken
2023-11-29Remove duplicate nginx MIME typeTimo Wilken
2023-11-29Fix nginx syntax for reverse proxiesTimo Wilken
2023-11-29Serve cgit on git.twilken.netTimo Wilken
2023-11-29Simplify nginx certificate deployment hookTimo Wilken
2023-11-29Migrate Nextcloud from Apache to nginxTimo Wilken
2023-11-28Revert to upstream steam-containerTimo Wilken
2023-11-28Encrypt to new laptop SSH host keysTimo Wilken
2023-11-27Disable flymake-collection Python checkersTimo Wilken
2023-11-23Specify custom battery/adapter names for polybarTimo Wilken
2023-11-22Basic home declaration for frmTimo Wilken
2023-11-22Remove obsolete commentTimo Wilken
2023-11-22Authorise signing key for frmTimo Wilken
2023-11-22Unify system declarations for lap and frmTimo Wilken
2023-11-22Move to ed25519 SSH keys on end-user devicesTimo Wilken
2023-11-21Allow SSH access to end-user machinesTimo Wilken
2023-11-21Update installer systemsTimo Wilken
2023-11-21Fix CSS indentTimo Wilken
2023-11-21Package neomutt's scriptTimo Wilken
2023-11-21Package Catppuccin themes instead of using git submodulesTimo Wilken
2023-11-21Fix spacing in (tw packages catppuccin)Timo Wilken
2023-11-21Install MT7922 firmware on Framework laptopTimo Wilken
2023-11-21Update python-alibuild to v1.15.3Timo Wilken
2023-11-21Enable MT7921E module for AMD RZ616 Wi-Fi cardTimo Wilken